Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Cupcakes

Well there's not really a recipe with this at the moment, later on I will give you the recipe for the icing but for now I just want to share with you the cupcakes!  So this was supposed to be my post on Friday and it was really long telling you all how awesome of a mother my sister is but then it got erased! 

Well I'll make this much shorter than what it was but I stayed the night with my Sister and every time it amazes me.  She is so patient with her children and to me she really is the best mother I have ever seen.  And after seeing my nephew at daycare interacting with other kids and being the most well behaved kid there I think my Sister's mothering skills are working.  I guess bottom line she spends time teaching them things and being with them and stays up late at night after they have gone to bed doing other things that she needs to get done instead of doing them while they are awake and abandoning them.  Oh and for the record she's NOT a stay at home mom, she is a high school math teacher and her husband is a high school head basketball coach/teacher so really as a friend recently put it, she's a single parent 9 months out of the year.  Anyways I'm going to stop going on and on about my Sister but I hope one day I am as good of a mother as she is.  I love her and her family so much!  Oh yeah her husband is a really good Dad as well and a terrific husband, me and my Sister hit the jackpot on husbands!

So here are some Halloween Cupcakes that we made together, I made the cupcakes and icing and iced them but she did the hard part and made the chocolate bats a couple of days before hand. 

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