Monday, November 22, 2010

Baby Shower Cake & Update

Well I had all intentions of posting Monday through Thursday last week but I didn't create my posts ahead of time (even though I have about 10 or more recipes/pictures to be posted) and I was so busy with making cookies and a cake for a shower plus getting ready to be out of town Thursday-Monday that keeping up with my blog was impossible.  But I'm so sorry and this week I will be posting Monday-Wednesday.  I'm kind of sad because I was wanting to have quite a bit of holiday recipes posted so you all might be able to try out some of my recipes for your Thanksgiving Dinner but that didn't happen, but tomorrow I will post a Pie Crust Recipe and after Thanksgiving I'll get some stuff posted that could be used for Christmas!  I'll go through my recipes and if I have any other thing ready to be posted that is Holiday Dinner food then I'll double post tomorrow, or later today. 

Anyways below is a picture of a cake I did for one of my best friends baby shower.  I learned to decorate cakes when I was 10 and I haven't done a cake since I was 19 or 20.  Lately I have been really wanting to get back into it, possibly even make some for money, but I need to update my portfolio and practice so I saw my friends shower the perfect opportunity.  I wanted to make the cake 100% fondant but since I hadn't ever made a fondant cake I was scared to start out on a cake that had a deadline so I decided to ice it with Buttercream and accent it with Fondant.  I think it turned out pretty good considering it's been 4-5 years.  Oh and case your wondering the bottom was chocolate cake and the top was white cake with strawberry filling. (I'll post the strawberry filling recipe soon!)

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  1. Such a cute cake! That's my nieces name too, very cute.