Monday, November 15, 2010

Beef Sandwich Spread

I have a stack of recipes to share with you guys but instead of choosing from that stack I decided to post the most recent new thing I have made because it was amazing!  This is pretty much the same thing as a Tuna Salad Sandwich but with beef.  And you can make it with leftover steak (that's what we did) or leftover roast.  Maybe you have ate it or heard of it but I'm 24 and my husband is 26 and neither of us ever had so I thought it deserved a post ASAP! 

*I'm not really going to put exact measurements because it all depends on how much beef you have and what you like but just imagine your making Tuna Salad. 

Beef Sandwich Spread
Steak or Roast, grind up in the food processor
boiled eggs
sweet pickle relish
white vinegar

Chop everything up and throw it together, mix & spread on bread!  As easy as that! 

*If you would like picture instructions or exact amounts please see my source, Pioneer Woman

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  1. We used to eat this made with hamburer meat when we had large numbers of youth to feed!