Friday, October 22, 2010

Embrace Photography

I am lucky to have 2 friends that do photography, I posted a picture earlier on of my other friend that had allowed me to use her picture for one of my posts.  Both of these ladies went to high school with my sister, sister in law, husband, and myself.  One of them was one of my close friends and the other was one of my sister's and Lee's close friends.  Anyways I was so So SO lucky to of had pictures done by Brittney Hejl last weekend and I would like to share some of the pictures.  For those of you that know me & Lee's story know that we got married after only 7 weeks of dating and we got married last year and it was quite a busy year with all my surgeries so we never had time to get engagement pictures done.  So I feel very happy & blessed to of gotten these pictures!  If you would like to check out her blog then click here.  If your in need of a photographer and you live in Texas I would suggest contacting her.

Lee & I have matching tattoos that represent our anniversary, March 13th.

My sister's family along with me & Lee.

My sister and her family!

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