Thursday, September 16, 2010

Crispy Ranch Chicken

I believe I have been cooking this recipe since March 2010 and have probably ate it 20 times since.  There for awhile we had it weekly, when I have surgeries or don't feel good it's easy and quick enough for Lee to make it or for me to when ill.  I also passed the recipe on to my sister and her and her family love it too!  It's definitely one of the top easy meals I would recommend for all my friends with kiddos and hectic schedules because it's quick, easy, and delicious!  If you make boxed or canned sides then you could possibly be looking at only 15minutes of actual work in the kitchen!  Also if you have little ones this is a meal that they would like making...some of my first memories in the kitchen were me helping my mom do cornflake crumb chicken.  And if you like cornflake crumb chicken, shake n bake, or just good ol bread crumbs then you'll for sure love this an this will give you variety! 

By the way...I'm not sure if anyone has noticed or if I even have readers but I'm a bit obsessed with CHICKEN.  After a couple of months of marriage my poor husband asked me if I could please cook him something besides chicken.  I love chicken!  But I'm very good about cooking a variety of different kinds, I should've probably named my blog Brooke's Chickens because I can guarantee you I can look back in a year and it'll probably be more than 50% of Chicken if you like Chicken as much as I do stay tuned!  (FYI.  No worries, I do feed Lee other meats...usually when I make my menu for the week I do 3 chicken meals and 2 beefs/nonmeats.)

Crispy Ranch Chicken

1lb. boneless skinless chicken tenders
1oz. pkg of dry Ranch dressing mix
2 cup crispy rice cereal
1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
2 egg whites beaten

Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

In a big Ziploc bag add the Ranch packet, cereal, and cheese.  Crush and shake.  You don't want to crush the cereal all the way, leave some semi big pieces.  Now you can either leave this in the Ziploc bag or pour into a coating tray.  It turns out better in a coating tray but I have done both depending on the amount of time I have.  Now dip the chicken in the egg whites, then coat the chicken in ranch mixture, and then place on baking sheet.  Repeat till finished.  Bake 30-35minutes.

I got this recipe from an Iphone app. called Spark Recipes.  This app. is also suppose to be healthy food and it says 1 breast which is about 3 tenders is suppose to be 245 calories.  Not sure how accurate that is but thought I'd throw that out there.

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